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  • lawyerfriends
    07-04 03:06 PM
    12 Million illegal immigrants X atleast 2000 USD lawyer fees for each illegal's paperwork = almost 25 Billion in lawyer fees
    AILA's total membership = 10,000 lawyers (including non practising law faculty)

    25 Billion dollars divided by less than 10K lawyers, each was going to walk away with a 2.5 million dollar bonanza

    Now that it is clear that they will not turn into instant millionaires (believe me, most of them already are), they have suddenly become the EB community's stalwart best friend and are even filing a lawsuit for us because the thought of returning the 2000$ fees for filing 485 is killing them. They may even shed a tear at our sorry plight.

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  • GCAmigo
    12-28 04:11 AM
    12th day.. I don't think the Indian Cricket team had serious ball tamepring allegations..

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  • jfortune
    08-13 06:44 PM
    Our son was out of the country when we filed our 485 on July 2nd. Now he returned to US, how shall we file his AOS? Form I-485 or anything else? Shall we include a copy of our filing inside?

    In addition, the I140 was approved after we filed. And the principal applicant went out of the country and applied H1 visas and returned also.

    Shall we include the updated information of the principal inside or just the copy of the original filing?

    A million thanks!

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  • raysaikat
    02-03 09:58 PM
    I have a simple question. The total number of I-485s pending as per USCIS is around 220,000. If we have 130000 EB visas every year, will the backlog be cleared in just 2 years?

    No. You are forgetting the new applications in categories that are not backlogged (i.e., EB1, and EB2-row). They will essentially come in front of most applications that are in queue in back-logged categories (EB3 and EB2-[IC]).


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  • sapking
    10-11 07:13 PM
    Contact your attorney..

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  • anishNewbie
    09-04 06:30 PM
    Below are the 2 listed jobs.. I am currently working as ABC for XXX comp... I have been working for more than 3 years.. They are planning to file my GC soon..

    I know for a fact that you cannot count current employer exp for GC. If i start working for the same employer on XYZ is it more than 50% different in role so i can count my 3 years experience when applying my GC ??


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  • kmura
    08-26 10:25 AM
    Any of the july filers get EAD from nebraska centre??pls enter details here

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  • RNGC
    03-07 09:18 AM

    Bill Gates to appear before congress on March 12, I know it is not easy to approach him and seek his help for our cause in a short time...but felt throwing this idea is not a bad idea....

    Anybody know Mr.Gates ?


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  • svr_76
    06-14 05:18 PM

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  • Grudge
    07-14 04:59 AM
    Ok, I managed to find a simple solution. Just flip the Y of the container, which means I need to flip the children too, but that's easy.


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  • msadiqali
    08-04 06:42 PM
    I saw an update in my case status on July 10th.
    It says, RFE received and case reprocessing started..what does this mean?
    anybody else has seen this?

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  • Munshi75
    04-30 07:06 AM

    My job requirement states MS and atleast 3 years experience. I have only 2 years and 9 months experience. what are the chances for my I 140 approval.



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  • bbenhill
    08-27 12:22 PM
    Hi, my friend have not receive her fingerprint, her husband filed for I-485 on june 2007. their PD is 2004-ROW. their case forwarded into TSC. do you think this is normal ? what is the possible solution for this issue ?

    please help ..


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  • H1Girl
    03-13 01:05 AM
    Here is my scenario...

    1. Applied my first EAD thru some lawyer (hence G-28)
    2. I am planning to renew it on "my own"

    Can I renew EAD without Attroney help... I know the answer "YES" but the main question is... do I need to inform USCIS saying that I want to withdraw my lawyer's and hence G-28 which was filed along with my first EAD?

    If anyone are sucessful, please help me...My question is not on how to self apply EAD..My question is whether we need to inform USCIS about G-28...


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  • Macaca
    07-28 04:35 PM
    If We Can Work Together, Why Can�t Congress? ( By Bill Novelli, John Castellani and Andy Stern Roll Call, July 26 2007

    Bill Novelli is CEO of AARP, John Castellani is president of the Business Roundtable and Andy Stern is president of the Service Employees International Union.

    Partisan gridlock is crippling our nation�s ability to live up to its promise. To create truly effective solutions to America�s most pressing domestic problems, our leaders have to be willing to step across the aisle and work together toward a common goal.

    Nowhere is this need more pressing than in the very foundation of the American dream � health care and long-term financial security.

    The time for rhetoric is over. It�s time for leadership and action. That is why AARP, the Business Roundtable and the Service Employees International Union, organizations that often hold different views, are coming together with �Divided We Fail� � a national effort to help fix this problem and ensure that all Americans have access to the affordable, quality health care they deserve.

    The United States is reaching a tipping point. With millions of Americans concerned about their health and long-term financial security, they fear the future will not be as prosperous for their children and grandchildren. If that happens, it will be the first time in American history. That is unacceptable.

    Sharply increasing health care costs continue to burden workers and businesses alike while sapping our nation�s competitive strength. In fact, more than half of the CEOs of America�s largest employers cite rising health care costs as the most significant pressure facing their companies. At the same time, workers are facing double jeopardy: a broken health care system and a deep uncertainty about how to pay for it. And as the presidential campaigns, primaries and elections continue to dominate the news, we can expect a great deal of finger-pointing for this quagmire.

    As leaders of three prominent business, labor and consumer organizations, we took our shared message to Capitol Hill this week and challenged our elected leaders to put aside partisan differences and join us by pledging to create meaningful solutions to the health care challenges that burden our nation. We believe that only by working together � corporations, government, individuals and families � can we address America�s health care crisis. If our three organizations can put aside our ideological differences to create real solutions, then Congress can, too.

    Our challenge stands for all who are willing to rise to it. As we enter the presidential election season, we call on our nation�s leaders to offer real solutions to the critical issues facing our nation. We need leaders who are willing to take a serious look at these issues, those who understand that the complexities are too important to be glossed over by platitudes and sound bites and who are ready to get the job done if elected.

    The time for action is now. The problems are complex, and the answers will require hard choices. We must start by coming together. From there, we can work to craft fair and bipartisan solutions. Our organizations, and the Americans we represent, are leading the charge for positive change. We truly hope that Congress will follow our lead. Divided we fail, but together we can do anything.

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  • GCwaitforever
    09-07 01:40 PM
    If the investment property was under passive investments like absolute NNN lease or TIC investments, then I am guessing it should be alright. Check with an attorney first.


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  • julsun
    01-20 10:26 PM
    Hi All,

    We had filed for AP from NSC for my wife in Oct. She needs to travel on 1st Feb, so we took a local infopass appointment hoping to have local office issue AP. Two days before our local Infopass appointment, online status for my wife's AP said that they have requested further evidence. We are yet to receive the document for same so do not know what evidence they are asking for.

    On Friday, when my wife went to local Infopass office, she was told that they can not issue local AP if her case has an RFE at NSC center, and was told to wait for the document. We are in a bind right now as she needs to travel and local office wont issue AP.

    Any suggestions for this one? Have already contacted NSC twice to get details on RFE but they are also saying wait for the letter :-(


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  • jsquare
    08-24 07:34 PM

    Here is the situation.

    I have been working with company A since Oct 1st 2009. Company A showed location XYZ (which is Vendor's location) on my petition while transfering my H1 in sept 2009.

    DHS officer went to location XYZ to verify my employment with company A in Jan 10. At that time I was working with vendor's client at different location. so officer could not able to make any contact neither with vendor nor with me.

    Officer sent an email in Aug 10 (this month) to my employer with 5-6 questions to verify my employment.

    My current H1 visa is getting expired in Sept 30 2010, so should I continue with my company A?

    What are my options? Any suggestions??


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  • aaaj
    02-01 10:08 AM
    Not sure if increase in immigration fee will make GC processing faster.

    05-30 02:25 PM
    05/30/2008: Corrected TSC I-140 Processing Times - Not 08/26/2007 But 07/16/2007

    * AILA has reported that the TSC corrected the error in its 05/15/2008 processing time report for the I-140 processing times. The date of 08/26/2007 was an error and the correct date should have been 07/16/2007. The official report will be corrected soon :(


    05-06 09:37 PM
    If someone can shed light on why a case would be sent to the National Benefits Center, please advise.

    case details:
    EB-2 India
    PD - Early 2002
    I-485 filed July 2007.
    EAD and AP rec'd late 2007, FP done 2007

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