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  • GCNaseeb
    08-31 11:25 PM
    Just came across this map, while booking my hotel.

    Its really Cool Map. Just type in Washington Monument or Whitehouse as your destination point and click Go. Now your destination is selected. Now un-check (or check) and then check each hotel listed on left, one by one. You will know how far is your hotel located from Monument or Whitehouse. Is it not cool?

    PS: Sorry, if you already know this!

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  • KapHn8d
    December 12th, 2003, 08:10 PM


    ps. True coffee lovers always get the name right away. We can spot the wannabe's that way... ;)

    Dependent GC got approved Primary is pending [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Dependent GC got approved Primary is pending

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  • adham_a
    04-16 09:40 AM
    Akira stamp all materials used are copyright of their respective owners

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  • Roger Binny
    02-20 05:39 PM
    Cool, if you dont mind please change the thread title.


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  • pappu
    07-01 10:19 AM
    Please do not start a new thread when this topic is already being discussed in another thread. It will help members get information in one place.

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  • user1984
    08-09 09:43 PM
    Today's Date: 09 Aug 2010

    1)I graduated in masters in december 2008.Iam working on OPT extension which expires on june2,2011.Iam thinking to apply for H1.Accordint to current situation,can i submit H1 application after october 2010 also? as CAP will be still open for masters quota(hoping)?can i put start date immediate after my opt status expiry date or it will start only on conventional date oct1st of every year?

    2) Iam planning to fly India in between mar 2011 -may 2011 for if iam approved with H1(if above questions says yes) then i need to go to H1 stamping and when i enter US ...i need to change my status from opt to H1 right at US entry.

    3) if iam going in apr/may 2011 when should i start the H1 processing?(it should be before 6months only)


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  • aadimanav
    07-07 11:25 PM
    Has anyone seen today's Fox News "The Journal Edition Report". In the last-section of the this programme the journalists talk about this week's "hits and misses". One of the journalist was talking about the injustice done to LEGAL immigrants because of latest visa bulletin stuff.

    The programme will be repated
    1:30 AM (morning) EST - Sunday - The Journal Editorial Report - Fox News

    It is not that important, but I thought I should write in case someone is watchnig news at that time. It is half-an-hour programme and that segment "hits and misses" comes after the last-break (I think during last 10 minutes).

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  • akshayhere
    05-24 10:42 PM
    I would suggest keep Visitor Visa appointment on separate date as your parent will not have option saying they want to meet kids and spend more time with you.


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  • rodnyb
    12-22 02:26 PM
    The inventory number does not include the EB1 and EB2ROW filings, which are always C and out of queue/approved in less than 6 months. They are not shown in inventory numbers.

    DHS yearly statistics
    DHS | Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (

    Show that they approve over 60K per year on average (for past 10 years) for EB1 and EB2ROW (EB2 Korea is huge as well)

    When we calculate, we should deduct 60K from 140K

    The situation is not optimistic

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  • tinku01
    07-21 01:19 PM
    delhi also hasn't issued there list yet. Have seen delhi consulate anywhere ??


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  • SlowRoasted
    05-01 10:12 PM
    oooo cool, i like the effect on the dog image too.

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  • looneytunezez
    03-17 08:59 PM

    I am on my 6th year of H1B. My current H1 expires mid August 2009.
    My PERM was filed in May 2008 and was approved in Dec 2008.
    My I-140 is applied and pending. I work for an american consulting company.
    Naturally, I dont have an EAD as yet.

    Based on my PERM approval and 365 day rule, I know I can extend my current H1 for 1 year.
    (planning to do this ASAP).

    Here is my question:

    - My current client contract will get terminated soon. If my current GC sponsoring company decides to terminate my employment (due to project non-availability), can i transfer my extended H1B to another employer?

    In other words, is an extension H1 (7th year and beyond) similar to regular H1 (first 6 years) in regards to invoke the "transfer" rule between eligible employers? or is it tied to GC sponsoring employer?

    - By doing so, do I abandon my GC application (i think i will, but general clarification) ?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated,



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  • imh1b
    04-26 09:51 AM
    How many are new greencard applications this year? Low/high?

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  • manishkatiyar
    01-25 07:20 PM
    � My wife came here on L2 in Aug-2007 and then applied for EAD
    � She has been working on EAD since Aug-2007 with Company A
    � Company A applied for her GC on 18-Aug-2009 in EB2 while she was still on L2
    � Company A applied for H1 which got approved on 08-Oct-2009 till 01-Oct-2012
    � We travelled out of US on 10-Dec-2009 and only gave the L2 I-94 on departure, didn�t give H1 I-94
    � She got her L2 stamped from India and entered US on L2 on 03-Jan-2010

    Please let us know the following:
    � Is there any potential of her H1 getting cancelled because she entered back on L2?
    � Do we need to get her H1 stamped immediately by going to Mexico?
    � Is her L2 EAD still valid and can she work?


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    02-06 07:13 AM

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  • augustus
    11-06 06:15 PM
    Dear All,

    I wish you a very happy Diwali and May almighty shower on each one of us, happiness, prosperity and end the woes we face in achieving permanent residency. I truly wish this for each of us. I think when we pray to almighty, we should collectively pray for this cause. Who knows, maybe lord will help us out soon.

    This forum has been great to all of us in finding solace, and importantly exchanging knowledge and ideas.

    Happy Diwali once again. I know they may delete this thread but I think they shouldn't because many others will offer their good wishes too. Amidst our worries, we should be able to cheer up in the light of Diwali and keep our spirits up and march ahead for another wonderful year.

    Thank you everyone!!!!!! Happy Diwali :-)

    Sending lots of good wishes your way,


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  • bskmama
    07-21 11:28 AM
    I'm creating a car game. i managed to get the car moving and all, but i dunno how to make the car collide with the obstacles when it hits it.

    How do i make it such away that if the car overlaps the kind of obstacle i want, dont have to be simple shapes but mostly oddly shaped obstacles, it would stop. that'll be good.

    thank you!

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  • seeniraj
    03-03 04:24 PM
    Please share the reason once you receive them

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-02 04:30 PM
    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, said that it had begun an audit of 652 U.S. companies to verify whether their employees were eligible to work. Violations could lead to fines, as well as civil and criminal charges.
    The Obama administration announced a crackdown on Wednesday on hundreds of companies suspected of employing illegal immigrants, signaling a shift in strategy: going after employers instead of workers.
    However, it is yet to know what steps the government would pursue if it verified that an employer had hired illegal workers, or how severe penalties might be. It remains to be seen how much pressure the new policy could put on employers. Focus is on the eminent cases of employers who hire undocumented workers, and sometimes even assist in falsifying their paperwork to avoid detection.

    More... (

    Paranormal Paralegal
    11-13 08:28 PM
    Actually, its preferable - saves money and shows DOL that there are multiple openings, not just one.

    05-06 06:11 PM
    I liked your first one more also! I have added that one up :)

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