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  • chanduv23
    02-17 02:40 PM
    Dear IV Members,

    We intend to have the next conference call on Saturday, March 01, 2008 at 12 Noon Eastern.

    Attorney Prashanti Reddy will be answering questions from IV members. We will be opening up a thread shortly for members to post their questions.

    Prashanti wishes to focus on these topics
    "Since this is the H-1b season, and the quota is opening up on April 1. I am sure a lot of people will have questions on F-1 or L-1 or H-4 to H-1 transfers or H-1b consular processing.

    Also EB-2 India is unavailable, lot of people will have questions on what to do"

    Apart from these, please feel free to post questions on other topics also, like usage of EAD, AC21 ......

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  • realizeit
    08-12 02:08 PM
    H-1B Willful Violator List of Employers

    H-1B Debarred/Disqualified List of Employers

    H-1B Program Related General Link Available at DOL site:

    Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration - Office of Foreign Labor Certification - Program Debarments

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  • lifestrikes
    05-17 12:18 PM
    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is trying again to get the DREAM Act passed, re-introducing the measure on Wednesday to let some immigrant students in the U.S. illegally stay in the country. Durbin, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and others will be on the bill.

    Last December, after passing the House (then under Democratic control) the measure fell five votes short in the Senate and Durbin vowed to keep trying. The Durbin press conference comes a day after President Obama boosted the DREAM Act in an immigration speech in Texas, along the U.S./Mexico border where he called for various reforms.

    When Durbin starts an issue, he stays with it. On Sept. 10, 2001, Durbin launched his fight to allow students of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. at a press conference in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. The DREAM Act became part of a larger national debate on the hot button, divisive immigration issue.

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  • sreeanne
    12-05 03:07 PM
    I am July 2nd filer and got EAD approved.

    My 485 notice has Received Date as July 19th 2007 and Notice Date as October 17th 2007.

    Do i need to calculate 180 days from July 19th 2007 OR Oct 17th 2007 if i want to change the jobs?


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  • black_logs
    01-24 07:28 PM
    As a policy we call and verify each volunteer before we sign up. I will apreciate if you could send me an email with your contact numbers Or PM me your contact info.

    Please sign me in for WA state. I live in Vancouver, WA.

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  • grimreaper
    01-17 10:35 AM
    Just came across GAO's( General Accountability Office) recommendations to make changes in H-1B program. Eventhough they talk mainly about Staffing Companies and increased employer accountability, there seems to be a mention regarding the H1B extensions beyond 6 years with simultaneous application to green card. Eventhough not stating in exact words, it seems to hint to the congress to seriously relook at H-1B extensions beyond 6years and also regarding cap exempt Visas and supposedly how easy it is to get them. Looks like with the economy being how it is, Congress might use this report to jump in and bring some unfavourable changes. Any thoughts on this...?

    Here is the link to the report:


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  • kshitijnt
    04-26 04:54 PM
    This will slowly eliminate the need for arrogant CBP officers.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-31 07:02 PM

    I am going to file my EAD and AP.I have older version of the forms.

    But should i use older version or newer version?:confused:


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  • irrational
    07-23 11:27 AM
    I have a scheduled EAD FP (e-filed) next Monday in the Dallas Area.

    My 485 FPs have not yet come and my dates are current. I am planning to ask the ASC Officer if they can take my 485 FPs also. I know some people had success with this method.

    However, my situation is a little different,

    I do not have my 485 Receipt (Lost in mail and returned as undeliverable :( ). I have opened numerous SRs and have those notices. What can I take to the ASC ??

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  • krish01
    09-24 03:38 PM
    ability to Pay


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  • IQAndreas
    11-10 01:20 PM
    Just found this extension a few seconds ago for those (including me) who haven't mastered gradients or partially alpha'd parts of an image, and who are too cheap to buy Photoshop and instead use

    EDIT: Never mind. It was more limited than it looked. It only allows you to add text, and doesn't separate each element into individual layers.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-18 09:00 AM
    Here's an article I co-wrote for Bloomberg on I-9 and E-Verify issues facing health care employers. Not so much political as practical, but for those readers in health care or who advise health care clients, it may be helpful. Employment Eligibility Immigration Compliance: Managing I-9 and E-Verify Risk in the Healthcare Industry -

    More... (


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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-23 09:16 PM
    thats good news and bad news.

    good news because, who waited for years for LC will be very happy.

    bad news because, the PD will go back even more!


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  • poreddyp
    06-05 11:44 AM
    My wife had a EAD and it is expiring in October 08 and my wife's H4 is expiring in August 08. I got a mail from my employer to renew my H1 and my wife's H4 status as both are expiring in August.

    I am planning to extend my wife's EAD Next week as she had plans to work.

    My question is, is it advisable to extend my wife H4 also? Is there any problem because both applications (H4 and EAD) will processed by uscis at the same almost time.

    Please advice.



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  • hopefulgc
    09-15 09:22 AM
    last link won't work

    and it seems like an old article

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  • newtoh1
    05-04 10:46 AM
    Is there any issues for my Greencard if I work for full time position for a TARP fund received bank using my EAD.?My GC is sponsered by another employer..Now I want to shift to a full time position to a bank which received TARP using EAD.


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  • paskal
    03-01 09:06 PM

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  • Karthikthiru
    09-23 05:21 PM
    Thanks. Easy for doing calculations

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  • abdkllb
    05-21 07:57 AM

    I am applying for renewal of EAD .I have two question regarding that.
    My husband is primary applicant.

    1.Should I apply with his ID or I can create my seperate ID and apply through that.

    2.For c9 Eligibility status which option should I select?. based.
    b.Employment based .


    01-10 03:15 AM
    Hi All,

    Please share your experience. This is quite urgent. My H1B(8+ year) is expiring, and my company is willing to file H1B with Engg manager role. My previous H1B or extension was files for software engineer. My GC(EB2) is filed as Software engineer, with PD as Jan 2006.

    1) Now is it ok to file H1B with new title? What if H1B gets rejected?
    2) How does this title change affect GC? Can the GC be cancelled because the title has changed or H1B gets rejected? The engg manager role is similar to software engneer role, except people responsiblities.
    3) If the H1B gets accepted, then is there still a danger to GC? Do they verify GC papers before approving H1B?

    Thank you, Raja

    03-04 08:32 PM
    No way connected with Employment based.
    You need to wait till your PD for brother sister to be current.

    My I130 application (green card filed through my sister) was approved recently. Can I extend my currend H1B visa beyond six year term through this I130 approval.
    Thanks alot

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