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  • Snowy_River
    Oct 31, 01:11 PM
    Good point... I hadn't considered the battery time. By this time next year, the memory chips will definitely be a lot cheaper so 2G (or more) will be easily do-able in something as small as the Shuffle for a decent price. Hopefully the battery life can be improved as well. Not much use being able to store 36 hours of music and not being able to listen to it.

    Oh, great, now we've got someone referring to '2G' as 2 gigabytes. The confusion is just going to grow!!!

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  • scu
    Sep 26, 08:30 PM
    .mac is in need of a major upgrade

    This is a good start

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  • iCaleb
    Sep 1, 01:13 AM
    Wallpapers found here (

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  • chris975d
    Nov 19, 11:54 AM
    I'm sure TJMax is rethinking how brilliant their idea is. But is it really illegal? What can Apple do?

    It's not "illegal", so there's nothing that could really happen to TJ Maxx. But the 3rd party that supplied them to TJ Maxx COULD lose their ability to receive Apple products (assuming they are a authorized reseller). This happens in my industry all the time (golf course management) with golf equipment, and the major manufacturers always go after these leaks and cut them off. The other thing that happens in my industry is that when a product is purchased from a non-authorized retailer, the manufacturer will typically void any warranty associated with it. I doubt Apple would do that to people who purchased an iPad through TJ Maxx, but if it's legal in the golf equipment realm, it might be within their rights here too.


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  • VSMacOne
    Oct 9, 08:25 PM
    Ok so I was having some timeline issues with TweetDeck for iPhone (just weird times for posts) so I decided to go ahead and give Tweetie 2 a shot.
    WOW... what an app! It's smooth, fast, responsive and easy to use. LOVE the offline capabilities. Couldn't care less about PUSH - it would kill my battery.
    So far, best Twitter app i've ever used!

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  • arn
    Nov 25, 01:33 AM
    I reactivated it. (previous songs still in it)



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  • Iam-AT-Work
    Apr 6, 02:25 PM
    My first computer had a tape drive. A Commodore Vic 20. I wonder how long a cassette tape needs to be to hold a TB not to mention a PB?

    The Datasette transferred around 50 bytes per second.

    1 TB = 1099511627776 bytes

    1099511627776/50 ~ 21,990,232,556 Seconds or 366,503,876 Minute etc...

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  • zerocustom1989
    Apr 30, 07:50 PM
    (Movie Spoiler):

    As big a fan of the film, and Miyazaki, as I am, I'm not sure the end of the film would make for a good analogy!! 'Store your data with Apple: watch it crumble into the sea or float off into space!' :)

    Lol yea... but maybe that's how all this digital crap is gonna end up anyway!

    Nice avatar btw.


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  • Brasilian
    Apr 26, 05:16 PM
    Okay I found CyberDuck and I downloaded it, but I'm still having a lot of trouble using it.

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  • Whyren
    Sep 26, 09:59 PM
    If you're 47 you were ~23years old when AIDS hit the headlines. When did your 'youth' end? Oh and I'm pretty sure herpes was about, but it shows how bad sex education either state or parental must've been back then!.

    Yes, diseases have been around for a long time, but keep in mind that diseases change over time. Part of the problem nowadays is, despite better medicinal technology, there are more dangerous disease. Why? Antibiotics as we know them haven't been around long. When first discovered, they were considered a miracle and used to treat everything and anything. They were even used preventatively. This resulted in the decimation of strains of disease that couldn't protect themselves, but left resistant strains which were free to reproduce and grow exponentially. Soon enough, you have an entire disease that is resistant to antibiotics.

    If you've ever wondered why doctors require you to finish a prescription even if you feel better, this is the reason. If you don't, you potentially leave resistant strains to carry on. Same reason doctors today don't use antibiotics unless necessary and even then, very specifically targeted ones as generalized antibiotics result in the same problem. Today, a simple staphylococcus infection can kill you. Thirty years ago, you more than likely could have cured it with a few days of antibiotics. (some more info (

    Another major problem occurs with viruses as even today there is very little that can be done to combat them, not just HIV, but any virus partially due to the fact that they simply don't conform to the rules of "life" as we know it. Besides which, they can do things that no other living organism can (such as create DNA from RNA). There are methods that can slow viruses or even cause dormancy in them, but for the most part, there is no way to kill a virus.

    So yes, diseases have been around a long time, but you can't necessarily compare an STD today to an STD thirty years ago in the same way you can't take last years' flu vaccine for this year's flu season.

    Sorry for the aside, just wanted to clarify a bit.


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  • Eminemdrdre00
    Oct 13, 04:15 PM
    Personally don't get the desire to have push for Tweets. Atleast in my case my world won't come to a screaching halt if I don't get my tweets right away. I have a job and such so I can't afford the time to look at tweets every thirty seconds...cuz...well....I have a job and such. I check them when there is a lul on the action or when I get home.

    Then again, I don't have push turned on for my work or personal e-mail accounts either. I want to be in control of my e-mail....not it in control of me.


    Push for @mentions & DMs mostly. Of course push for your timeline tweets would get annoying. I'm a full time software developer BTW. Congrats on having a job in this bad economy!

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  • ideal.dreams
    Oct 10, 05:29 PM
    Nothing amazing, still experimenting with GeekTool and Candybar.


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  • EvilC5
    Dec 21, 08:20 AM
    I have my iphoto library on an external drive connected to my mini server thats running all the time, and have set up access for my wife on her imac and my mbp to access it.

    in your case, maybe a sharepoint with permissions set to only certain users.

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  • partyBoy
    Sep 1, 01:02 AM


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  • Sydde
    Mar 19, 02:11 AM
    Yeah, MAY have. That's hypothetical.

    But it was treason. There is a good reason that was a capital offense. The scale of death and misery that can be dealt through effective treason is far greater than than even a spray of bullets. If you support capital punishment, you should be in favor of hanging a traitor.

    For that matter, why not Madoff? The effects of his mischief harmed far more people than even Manning. Why should he be spared the chair?

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  • Dr. Dastardly
    Sep 24, 06:50 PM
    At this point I would tell him to just be safe and promise to use a condom.

    You may not be happy with it but in the end he is going to go through with it anyway. Just telling him to be safe is the best you can do at this point.

    If she was sleeping at your place I would to what my parents told us when I was living there. They said you can sleep together but please try not to have sex. Even though they both knew we were sexually active. We still did every once in a while but seldom and kept it very low key as to "not get caught".

    Later when I was older I asked them about it and told them we did (this is years later and my parents are really cool). They told me the figured we would anyway. They just said it so that we wouldn't make it obvious. I believe their words contained the phrase "ignorance is bliss".


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  • jp102235
    May 1, 01:51 PM
    yes the problem i am fast aproaching what i see is the limit of the drive size i can fit in to my imac the backups are not the problem they are a pain but....basically way i was trying to say is that once i get to the 3TB of files i dont know what to do or where to store them are there 3TB+ drives in our future or a way to trick the imac to think another drive is internal so i can continue to use time machine as my primary backup..

    This is why i hope apple will provide more than just gigs of storage i need TB's of space. and the max file size thing is also a pain i have movies that go from 700MB to 8TB if i were to use is for a BU solution i dont want to have to pick an choose what i can and can not backup..... No and they are not pirated movies either!

    your data needs are starting to exceed the equipment you are using. You need to think about a dedicated RAID (6 or 0+1, the MTBF will make RAID 5 unusable at this point) enclosure. Drobos should not be trusted to what you are trying to do.

    1. you need to have two backups (one off-site) - time machine does this effortlessly.
    2. you need to have some sort of multi-drive enclosure other-than-drobo. prolly need 2 or three.
    3. are you saying that you may have an 8TB data file? That sounds impressive-> you storing satellite imagery or something? if you ARE at that level -> you need an enterprise/professional soln: XSAN, fibre-channel, etc., (prolly something in a rackmount)

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  • RayK
    Nov 11, 10:29 AM
    Yay, I can hold off to upgrade until then!

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  • Macaddicttt
    Sep 24, 08:27 PM
    i asked for a REAL reason.

    Please don't bring a religious debate into this...

    For some people it is a REAL reason, so please respect that and don't turn this into a "religion is stupid" thread. Then we'll be in the Political Forum for sure...

    Sep 26, 08:07 PM
    If he's still living under your roof, you have ALL the say. If you don't feel he should be doing it, then it's YOUR choice. Yes, he's 18, but if he's still dependent on you it's your rules, not his. Now, there's nothing to say that he will follow them, but he should abide by your wishes. Personally, I think this is the wrong path for any person at age 18 to be going down, but I'm not the norm (I still plan on waiting until marriage; not because of what my parents think or my church thinks but what I think).

    Keep in mind this is coming from someone who will be turning 18 in two months.

    Mar 13, 08:24 PM his twitter is here!/comex woot!
    already another thread bout bad folks...delete please

    Feb 3, 07:43 AM
    For February I've gone with this little bundle of perfection.
    link. please? :)

    Using QuickPick App...
    dear god! i hope apples implementation isnt that ugly :(


    mine from last month, PS'd picture of my doggy! :D (pure bred border collie, 4 years old).

    i think i need a new one, suggestions?

    Chilly Penguin
    Apr 12, 04:55 AM
    First post!
    My desktop for my fairly new MBP that I purchased last week! :D

    Mar 25, 03:17 PM
    To me Serlet has more knowledge than Craig. He actually includes information about under the hood stuff and the nice new UI features. Craig just says "beautiful" "very natural". I will remember Serlet as the father of Leopard -- Apple's best release IMO and Craig with Lion, a release that really has nothing that exiting.
    Again just my opinion.

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