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  • itsmesabby
    03-30 01:50 PM

    I had the same case. Call up the 800 number in the reciept and find options where you can change the address on the phone. The reason I tried this was because as the # is not in the system you can't even report a problem with the case.

    Now when the representative is available, tell them the issue and they will connect you to someone who can verify the status for you. The next layer rep will ask your name and address for verification and tell you the status.


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  • saveimmigration
    05-08 12:54 PM
    visa bulletin is already out
    EB2 India - 01JAN00

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-30 03:50 PM
    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted today to scrap the controversial REAL ID law which will require states to begin implementing tough new standardized technology requirements for drivers licenses in just a few months. A number of states have rebelled against the requirements and they risk their licenses not being accepted for federal purposes - including boarding airplanes. The measure that passed today is called the PASS ID bill and would extend deadlines and provide more government funds to help in the transition. From Govexec: A Senate panel approved legislation today that would establish federal security standards...

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  • martinvisalaw
    03-08 08:30 PM
    Thanks for linking to me!


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-25 09:00 PM
    Wow, I almost fell out of my chair when readers posted this news item in the comments: Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, pondering a future in politics, is trying to wipe away his image as an enemy of Latino immigrants by positioning himself as a champion of that fast-growing ethnic bloc.that was fast. *** Mr. Dobbs told Spanish-language network Telemundo he now supports a plan to legalize millions of undocumented workers, a stance he long lambasted as an unfair "amnesty." "Whatever you have thought of me in the past, I can tell you right now that I am one of...

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-18 02:17 AM
    What is the communication about and did they send you a letter or email ?


    Has anybody directly received any communication from BEC regarding the pending LC application? I just received one and am not sure if that is the norm?



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  • spicy_guy
    09-30 12:20 AM
    I meant the Last Updated Date and not the case status . Sorry for the confusion

    That means nothing. Regular mass updates. Don't keep false hopes.

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  • ndbhatt
    07-22 05:31 PM

    I am in weird situation. I left my previous employer because they didn't file for my concurrent filing during July '07 madrush.

    They applied for my I-140 on 26th Sept 2007 thinking that I may change my mind and stay with them.

    It seems that they didn't revoke my I-140. Since, yesterday, I got email notification from CRIS about I-140 approval.

    Now a question for Gurus:

    I am not sure but my previous employer may revoke it anytime. Based on the email notification and the online approval snapshot, can I port my priority date to my current application, with new employer, even if previous employer revoked my approved I-140 ?

    Personally, I was happy with my previous employer except for the concurrent filing that they didn't apply. Now, I am in dilemma. should I should rejoin my previous employer or not?



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  • macrosky
    06-19 11:47 PM
    Can I use instead of flcdatacenter to determine the prevailing wage? Will immigration officer accept this source? Thanks

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  • saileshjiandani
    11-06 10:42 PM
    Hi guys,

    Please provide your valuable thoughts.

    I have a Masters degree in the profession I'm working with 2 yrs of work exp prior to starting at this company. Altogether I have 5+ yrs of exp (prior + current).

    My job requirements states "BA/BS or equivalent required with 5+ yrs of work exp".

    I've read at some sites that if a candidate doesn't have a Masters degree, a Bachelor's + 5 yrs of exp will suffice, but the job description should require a Master's degree. In this case, I have a Master's degre with my job requirement saying "Bachelor's + 5yrs". Will I qualify for EB2? Please suggest.

    Also what other options (tweaking requirements a bit) will you suggest?




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  • sunny1000
    08-06 01:35 PM
    Read this below pdf

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  • Dipika
    04-27 10:19 AM
    I am EB3 - Dec 2004 filer and there is no hope for few years that my date get current. i have filed another GC through my sister in May 2006 and that F4 category is moving quicker and expecting my priority date will be current in 5 years through my sister.

    i have bought 2 Family house in Jersey City. now for my kids education we thought to move to India for 4 to 5 years until we get call for GC though my sister.
    we are going to rent house - it's multi family near NYC. my landloard is willing to take care of it in our absence.

    my Q is can i get B1 (Visitor visa) for 10 years , if we show that we have property in US and we may need to visit just to take check it ??
    should we inform immigration officer about GC filed though my sister to assure that we will not stay in US longer, to get B1 visa?
    can we get visitor visa before leaving USA? i mean convert from H1 to B1 for multi year?


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  • sundarpn
    07-01 01:44 AM
    is it Ok to share copy of one's 140 or 485 document copies when checking into feasibility of AC21?

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  • snathan
    04-28 10:29 AM

    My friend was on H1B visa from last 5.5 years and Laid off last week .

    I want to know what options she has to stay in USA.

    from last company her labor and 140 was approved .

    Can she do visa transfer and start new labor ?

    Its only 5-6 months left in her 6 year h1b visa .

    Attorneys please reply .

    Are you the mouthpiece for your friend?

    Based on approved I-140 she can get 3 years if she is transfering the visa.


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    01-23 12:56 PM
    Normally, entering into the US follows the last entry rule. Thus, whatever status a person last enters on is their status.

    There are special regulations when it comes to H-1b status and travelling on AP. I would speak with an attorney prior to travelling.

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  • vkrs
    02-13 06:35 PM

    I have applied for H1-B in India from Comany B in 2007 and got H1-B approved peititon.
    Later on I got L1-A visa from my company A in Feb 2008 and came to USA on L1-A visa in Feb2008 and working for comany A till date on L1 visa.

    Now I want to change my status from L1A to H1-B to join company C .

    My H1 petition is valid till 2010 October. My questions are

    1. Can I change my status from L1A to H1B any time before October 2010(H1b expiry date).

    if not, How many months before I need to change from L1 to H1b before my H1b petition expires.

    2. My current project is still ongoing till October,2010 and I am with L1 status. so Can I wait till October and then apply for change of status to join new company C on H1-B visa.

    Need your help.



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  • stxvr
    11-26 12:07 PM
    I am on H1B and planning to go for CP. I have to fill the form DS-230 for this and submit to VSF office.

    Currently I am on H1B extension and I don't have visa stamped for this extension on my passport.

    In this form DS-230 I need to fill field name "Present Address".

    I have following question:
    - In this form what should I fill my present address
    Indian address
    US address.

    (what I think: I think when I will submit the forms to VSF I will be in india and at that time i will not have the valid visa to enter USA. So I think I should fill the indian address.)

    What do you guys suggest?

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  • knowDOL
    08-23 09:51 AM
    No. You can file two I-140 petitions from the same employer and your approved H-1B for three years is not in trouble. I don't blame you for your deepest concern in this issue, as USCIS made each and everyone of us so concerned about our every walk of our life.

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  • pappu
    02-01 11:31 AM
    The thread is being closed. Do not start a new thread when there is already a thread on the same topic.

    Blog Feeds
    06-03 02:20 AM
    What is a CAT? Not an animal, not a medical procedure, but a "Change of Attitude Transformation". The old INS may have morphed into the USCIS, the CBP and ICE, but the attitudes toward immigrants have not changed much since I worked there 30 years ago. As General Attorneys (Nationality) in the 1970s, our mantra was "when in doubt, send it out!" meaning that rather than recommend that a naturalization petition be granted, if we had the slightest degree of doubt, the safest course was to send the applicant's file to the investigations branch. Not to do so would risk...

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    03-15 04:30 PM
    I filed paper based AP at Nebraska service center and got AP in 5 weeks. Pretty painless except paying them 300 for 2 pieces of paper is outrageous.

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