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  • austingc
    08-07 12:01 PM
    I have probably a strange case .In 2007 when all the dates were current my employer filed I-140 & I485 at the same time in EB2 . I have received AP and EAD both according to standard procedure.I have maintained my H1B status. Then after a month or so I have received I-140 rejection due to different job requirement and I am overqualified for the job so my attorney interfiled new I-140 under EB3 without worrying about I 485 thinking since I 140 is denied it should nullify I485 under EB2 . In the mean time USCIS sent me a new I-485 receipt # . I got my I 140 approved in another six months under EB3 and now I have two I 485 receipt numbers as well as two A numbers. Both of the receipts when I checked the status show that it is under initial review. Shall I call USCIS and get rid of the initial I485 which is under EBII . Anyone had this kind of experience??

    I don't think you want to hear our openion to take action in your sitution. Talk to a good and reputable attorney to handle this case.

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  • samswas
    06-13 03:31 PM
    Even if it is after I-485 1 year pending, I should get it for 2 years, because my I-485 filing date is July 2nd!

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  • greatzolin
    08-24 04:31 PM
    Last Up Date on you I-140 or anyother USCIS document.

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  • ram04
    04-20 05:41 PM
    Simmilar situation with my company- Company A merged with (B-India) and named as C .
    We were informed all is well and taken care of with company's legal team.

    Immediately after merger, I also got stamped in Chennai with old company name A in I 797 and enterd with I 94 at POE without any problem.

    So it seems this may not be an issue. It isonly my opinion and personal experience.

    Now a days many companys are following this route to cope up with new lottery H1 issues.

    PD : Sep 04
    I 485, I 140, Approved

    - Ram


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  • Jaime
    08-20 03:56 PM
    Thanks. Send a note to KanMe about this

    Thanks pappu, I just messaged him

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  • krishna_brc
    02-02 05:01 PM
    Here is my situation and looking for any previous experience and suggestion from experts.

    I have my EAD valid for 2 years PD 05 EB2. I got a job from another company but vendor says I need to be in his payroll. Job wise everything is good. I want to join him on EAD.
    Here are my concerns

    1. Should file for AC21 or just keep quite till CIS sends a letter ?
    2. If I ensure my new job and old job responsibilities are same, am I safe ?

    Do you see any problems or advise me for anything.


    As long as New Job and Old Job are SAME/SIMILAR and assuming your I-40 is approved & 180 days passed, you should be perfectly fine.

    your previous employer is going to revoke I-140
    its better to file AC21
    just keep quite till CIS sends a letter
    END IF



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  • dxldad
    05-18 11:57 AM
    Did you apply for an H4 along with H1? You should ask this question to one of the attorneys, this is pretty complicated.

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  • Anders �stberg
    February 11th, 2004, 06:46 AM
    The ceiling of this walkway is hard to look at, it keeps flipping over into a cone
    that points towards me... what do you think?


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  • vkishore123
    07-21 09:01 PM
    Thank you Sir,

    Do you think if she cancels her interview, she can go to the interview again after sometime, without affecting her future prospects of getting a GC.

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  • sodh
    07-24 06:47 PM
    so far i've been the ones to pay everything...i know govt got stricter this year and now it HAS to be employer who i'm in bad place as I know how my employer is...
    You can alway's pay cash.


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  • solaris27
    12-31 04:21 PM
    no he can't .

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  • eb2waiter
    04-07 06:41 PM
    the best and brightest...
    I think he sings better than I code...


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  • Ann Ruben
    03-30 07:53 PM
    A 7th year extension is still possible, but the extension petition must be filed within 180 days of the LC approval. ( per current DOlL regulations, the LC expires after 180 days). My advice would be to have company B file to amend it's petition, requesting a validity date of 12/12.

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  • hydubadi
    04-30 03:56 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    My 6 years H1B visa term is expiring on Apr 30th 2008. My company filed 3 years of extension on approved I140 basis, which is still pending as of Apr 30th 2008. And my I 94 is dated till Apr 30th 2008.

    I filed my I 485 in June 2007 and got EAD and AP

    1) What will be my status after Apr 30 2008. Will I still be on H1 status, if not what will be my status.

    And what is 'H1 pending for 240 days rule'.

    Your answer is very much appriciated.



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  • ngopikrishnan
    08-01 10:43 AM
    Is A# same as the A# on the Beneficiary field on I-140 approval notice?

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  • InTheMoment
    08-04 09:33 PM
    See this:

    So it is geographical jurisdiction now if you filed post July 29, 2007 else random.

    Thank you ,I will try.
    I tried with different key words but couldn't find.I will keep finding.
    Admin, Please delete this thread if possible.


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  • kushalkh
    12-04 08:04 PM

    I am currently working on OPT. My company has just applied for my H1B visa. Assuming it gets approved in 2-3 months time (i.e. in March), when can i have it stamped? Can i go back to my home country to get it stamped in April or will i have to wait till 1st Oct 2011 to get it stamped?

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  • aspiration
    06-24 04:17 PM
    Sorry for starting a thread.. Apparently somehow i missed that discussion or thread... .I am newbee here...

    Thanks for the quick update.

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  • aray
    02-25 01:58 PM
    My wife and I both came back on AP through Frankfurt on Feb 3rd. We do not have stamped H1-B visas in our passports. You do not need Transit Visa. Transit through Frankfurt is very easy and hassle-free. Security and immigration personnel in Frankfurt are very friendly and nice.

    Hope this helps.

    05-19 01:05 PM
    Don't you know this baby will stop Skynet in 2035 and save mankind ?

    Especially along the border, helping to create a large numer of manual, non-robotic, labor jobs that will help to pass CIR.

    12-25 07:45 PM

    Did you receive the compensation at all? If so, the deposit slips from your bank may be a possibility as proof of payments. If you haven't been paid at all, you might be a victim of a bad employer and you should report the employer to Department of Labor in US.

    If you are now entering US on L-2, there should not be any questions around your earlier H1-B, but the IO can always ask about your earlier stays in US and hold you up. Ask your employer to provide you a certificate on company letterhead with authorized signature stating the compensation provided to you while on H1-B, though 'I lost your paystubs' is a really flimsy excuse... ;)

    Please consult a good lawyer before making any decision...

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