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  • wandmaker
    05-27 04:26 AM
    Thanks for the reply. But I guess I didnt frame my query properly. What I intended to ask was if the couple going to be married on a date x can fill up the forms online before wedding for an appointment on a date after their wedding?

    Thanks again!

    You can fillup forms online before wedding date but appointment date should fall after your wedding date.

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  • achu
    09-23 07:03 PM
    ... and ideally it should be copy of your approved labor.

    I applied my labor as Software Engineer and BEC approved it with a code of Mechanical Engineer. I got it changed, but took me a year though. They kept my change request until the end when they were ready to shutdown BEC.

    I probably go ahead and use what in the approved labor certificate. by the way how do I find exact job-code that I used in the I-140.


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  • Anil_s
    03-20 04:09 PM
    Hi All,

    Thank you for your respnse.My attorney has filed for a duplicate copy now.


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  • desixp
    04-09 09:40 PM

    Yes, you can file I140 Premium Processing for a substitute labor. I have done that. Got approved in 9 days.

    Good Luck.



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  • immigal
    12-04 12:10 PM
    Please help!

    My AP is pending and my H1 visa on passport has expired like 3 months back. I am on valid H1 status which is good for another 3 years till 2010. I have scheduled H1 stamping renewal interview in India. Can there be any problems in H1 visa stamping as my AP application (I131)is still pending?


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  • jnc
    07-12 09:53 AM
    Does anybody have information about my above question?



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  • morchu
    05-04 12:55 PM
    EAD has nothing to do with your status. But yes, your status is OK as long as you have a pending 485 application.
    Yes. You can use your EAD and work for any company.
    No issues even if you are not working for some time.
    You are authorized to work for any company parttime or fulltime.

    I am working in company 'A' on H1B, Green card is processing from company 'B' as future employee. Got EAD.

    The job is getting over from Company 'A'.
    Can I use my EAD and can stay in US with out working to any company?
    Will there be any issues if TAX is not paid when I am not working.
    If i work part time then on do I need to work for company 'B' only?


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  • kothuri
    10-02 03:16 PM
    I came across this article on and got lil nervous.

    I am currently on H1b applied for 485, LC Cleared, I140 Cleared.
    I work for a company X but own another consulting company and I am a passive partner with a share of 49%. Another friend of mine who is also in the same boat as I am is another partner with 49% stake. My Sister who is a Green Card holder has 2% Stake and is an active partner.

    I have not taken a single penny from the company in the last 2yrs we formed the company and we file a K1 every year. Even though the company makes profits/loss we are not taking the profit nor writing off the losses from our individual taxes, However both of us (I and my friend who are passive partners) end up doing most of the work such as
    1. Signing the bank checks
    2. Signing the USCIS documents for employees who are working for our company.(for I129, etc etc)

    Does this mean that I am a clear candidate to be on INS Red alert/Radar?

    I know that an H1b holder can have a company on H1B and cannot work for that company part time/full time precisely what I have been doing since I have never taken a pay check from the company however I never thought that this could have implications on the 485 approval.

    Can some one answer my question. I guess I am more looking at some one like UnitedNations to answer.



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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 9th, 2003, 09:40 PM
    I think digital camera marked is very close to home computers. I used to buy the latest and greatest computer every yar and a half or so, until I realized I spent a hefty premium for the cutiing edge, and the next level down (yesterday's best) was so much cheaper, and offered all I needed. Camera bodies I believe are just about there.

    two I-485 (One as primary and other as dependant) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : two I-485 (One as primary and other as dependant)

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  • Ann Ruben
    03-11 10:29 AM

    You are correct that if you do not maintain valid H-1 status your wife will lose legal status in the US. If she pursues a degree as a FULL TIME student she can file for a COS to F-1. As part of that application she will have to document her valid H-4 status by proving that you are in valid H-1 status with current paystubs and/or letter confirming your employment from your H-1 employer. So it would be safest to file the COS while you are still employed.

    Hope this helps,



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  • amitkhare77
    09-22 09:13 AM
    Ask you employer that you need to apply SSN .

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  • pvpb
    10-15 01:49 PM
    My checks got cleared on was sent to VSc...maybe your will be next.

    Hi ,
    Iam also in same boat. Application reached USCIS NSC on Aug3rd. Signed by Kujera. No updates till now.


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  • Queen Josephine
    June 15th, 2005, 09:13 PM
    My eye is drawn to that probiscus on the butterfly..... looks like a french horn or something! I can't tell you've been doing incredible work with your new camera. Agree with above comments about the cactus and disembodied foot.

    Prancer's Stamps [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : Prancer's Stamps

    04-08 05:40 PM
    Ok, so far I have one stamp done. I'll add more...

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  • desixp
    05-31 10:32 AM

    Recently, I have used AP for my travel from IAD. I was sponsored by company A and I am working for company B on EAD. At POE the CBP officer asked me if I am still working for Company who sponsored my GC. I said no. I told them I work for Company B. They just listened and let me in.

    The other question that they asked me how long was my stay outside US. I was not sure why they asked that question.

    Hope this helps.



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  • ashwin
    02-24 09:52 AM
    delete thread

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  • Refugee_New
    01-03 03:37 PM
    Did you called them????

    No. They met during the lunch time i guess


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  • nsn1234
    07-27 01:02 PM
    Hi STAMisha,
    I sent you a message and also sent an e-mail. i went thorugh ur previous posts and it seems we are pretty much on the same boat.

    plz check ur mail and call me at ur convenience. we will talk in detail.

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  • indio0617
    12-15 09:06 AM
    In very simple terms : Progressive experience means your job responsibilities increase with time.

    Have a question related to that:

    If job / EB2 stipulates Bachelors + 5 years criteria, does it imply 5 years after obtaining the degree or can the experience be cumulative ?

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  • pappu
    01-22 03:52 PM
    the link you provided did not show any "Interestnig Cricket Widget on IV". Is that the correct link?


    Thanks Sanju
    The correct link is

    04-25 12:23 AM
    Got my first LUD on july 27, 2008.
    RFE : 3/17/2009
    RFE Replied: 4/17/2009
    Approval Date: 4/23/2009

    ,,,,Finally, 4/23/09 (680 Days) I got the long awaited approval email from my friend CRIS.....

    09-26 02:10 PM
    hi gurus,

    i have I-485 Pending with EAD and AP. what is the maximum period that i can stay out of USA?

    is it possible that i can stay 11 months out side the USA and come back to re apply AP and go back again for 11 months?


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