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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-04 04:08 PM
    My EAD renewal has not been approved and it has been 100 days. I checked with local immigration officer and they dont know as why it is still not processed. USCIS customer service representative says it is within the processing time in Nebraska service center. I efiled EAD and got the biometrics done in June. I am on EAD & can i continue to work if the EAD renewal does not come through befire the current EAD expires ?. Will it affect I485 ?

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  • lkapildev
    01-15 04:41 PM
    Please respond only if you are EB2 India

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    12-14 10:17 AM

    Which state you are in? In some states non-compete is not valid.

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  • acepb
    04-23 07:05 PM
    this does clear it up a bit..thanks!


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  • vvicky72
    08-07 11:26 AM
    An RFE got generated on my wife's 485 application. Our company lawyer filed our 485 applications. Does anyone know who gets the RFE notice? Will it be the lawyers office or us?

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  • Ann Ruben
    03-30 09:17 PM
    yes, I did mean 12/2011.


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  • Zee
    06-14 12:11 PM
    As per July bulletin it looks like it will be current till Aug 31st...

    I have applied for my PERM labor and have not got any approval on that...I am checking to see if the Concurrent Filing of I-140 and I-485 is still available....???

    and also how many days or months does anyone think this PD will remain current..???

    Any suggestions will be appreciated...!!!

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  • wandmaker
    11-28 08:46 AM
    My wife has H4 stamped and valid till Nov 2008 but from Oct 2007 she changed her status to H1B. She has I797. My question is when she goes to India does she need to stamp H1 B or she can reenter on already stamped H4 ?
    Please Let me know this information.

    If she comes back on H4 she can not start working until another h4-h1 (cos) complete. It is really your personal choice and how confident you are about your wife's successful h1b stamping at home consulate.


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  • skp71
    05-28 06:02 PM
    Do they really know our name check status in local INS? When I spoke to NSC an year back, they said that my name check is done and waiting for visa numbers. when I went local INS office recently, she simply checked the online status (which we used to login and see) and she told that my name check is pending. It's been 4 years since I filed my 485, how is this possible?

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  • nashorn
    12-12 03:42 AM
    anybody please...
    Many threads here are on this, you've got to look for it and read. You've asked a question that has been asked and answered many times. That is why nobody has answered your questions.

    In brief, you can use AP to come back, and work with H1B for the company who filed your H1B petition, and you can extend or transfer your H1B as well. You can also work on EAD for anyone you want, but you cannot come back to H1B.

    There is more on other threads that will make you feel more positive about these answers, and helpful info on traval with AP.


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    07-21 01:14 PM
    Just fill out the new I9 Form with your EAD details. You should be fine.

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    03-25 03:38 PM
    I have personally known quite a few cases where there was a problem in converting while in the country. She will have to go back and apply for a change before she comes back.

    What my friend did was got married here. Once again went through the formalities and registered the marriage in Columbia, applied for the visa in Columbia and then brought his wife to the US.


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  • a1b2c3
    12-31 02:31 PM
    gc gives me flexibility and I intend to use it to further my career goals rather than keep whining about the bad economy.

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  • scorion
    10-01 07:27 PM is an awesome place to find this kind of information.

    I can answer some of the question but don't have first hand personal experience.


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  • ski_dude12
    01-07 11:08 AM
    Is this for H4 renewal or first time H4. If its for renewal she can go to any US consulate in India. However, if it is first time she has to go the consulate that falls in her zone i.e her place of residence. Confirm it with VFS.

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  • dealsnet
    03-05 03:12 PM
    EAD is for work.
    AP is for travel. For enter into USA, only AP and passport is required.

    Dear Lawyer / Member,

    My wife lost her EAD while traveling (in India) outside of this country, she has Advance Parole document with her.
    Question is: Can she able to enter US without EAD?

    My Wife status:
    Current Status : AOS (H4 - expired) - Filed I-485
    Advance Parole: Valid till 11/11/2010
    EAD: Valid till 10/11/2010 (Lost):mad:

    Appreciate your response.



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    09-21 09:19 PM
    Remember to point it out at FP, and they will also ask you to phone USCIS and correct it. You could phone USCIS first, and then you might find that FP has it already corrected in the computer.

    Once USCIS update it they will send you a letter to say that they made a change to the file, this is just FYI.

    My wife's DoB had a typo. It was spotted at FP office.

    Of course I am assuming some obvious typo, not a FP notice for Jim Smith and your name is Ramkrishnan Singh. :-)

    or Ramakrishnan Bhatti. LOL.. that example was hilarious. (reddy, murthy, prasad) would have been closer.

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  • vin69
    02-10 07:21 AM
    Hi ,
    Does it impact I140 processing if i am outside US and worked with same employer in India ?
    I have left for india assignment after concurrent filing (I 485 + I 140)
    for 4 weeks and joined back in US for different assignment last year after July filings.
    But i have maintained my old residence status and applied for change of address when i came on different assignment and loaction in US.

    Has any one experienced similar situation ?
    Does on US payroll becoming inactive for some duration ( in my case 4 weeks) make the I40 processing questionable ?
    Can anyone advise ?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • amitk81
    09-05 06:37 AM
    it is $300 (150 for you and 150 for your wife)

    I paid the same in Mumbai last week.

    11-11 08:54 PM
    and/or calling USCIS customer service to inform that you have not received the physical card.

    Please join your local state chapters.

    Ann Ruben
    06-28 10:20 PM
    An article entitled File Retention and Relinquishing to Client - Posted on March 31st, 2010 can be found on the website for the MO Supreme Court Advisory Committe for Legal Ethics:Office of the Legal Ethics Counsel - Articles ( I hope this is helpful.

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