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  • GCwaitforever
    11-18 02:07 PM
    Sorry bro/sis.

    Center for Immigration studies is a partisan organization with the ultimate goal of reducing immigration to this country. They spin each and every analysis to the conclusion that current immigration levels are bad for US economy. They are not our friends.

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  • ameryki
    01-03 07:33 PM
    mate take it easy. my appli's were sent to NSC on august 1st and i still haven't seen any receipts come through for 485, ead nor AP. Although I have received Ead card and done finger printing so that way I know what my 485 appli # is but no info on the AP

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  • invincibleasian
    02-19 05:22 PM
    You are better off applying visa in a home country. Usually the have better access to verify records!

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  • getgreensoon
    03-24 10:09 AM
    IND 67/1 in 12.5 overs

    To win: IND needs 194 run(s) in 37.1 over(s)

    Who will win this match. Caste vote and comment

    Take your useless cricket conversation to some other blog. This blog is for serious immigration issues.


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  • GCStatus
    09-08 01:55 AM
    Hello Everybody,

    Has anybody gone to Chennai US Consulate for H-1b revalidation lately?

    Please share your experiences as I am planning to go and get my visa stamped this month.

    Please advice.

    I have been there few yrs ago. It was very smooth as long as you have all the papers

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  • rajenk
    12-02 03:32 PM
    Category classification of EB2 or EB3 is done when filing I-140. Labor does not have any such classification. It all depends on the job requirement that decides EB2/EB3 at I-140 while filing.

    I second hibworker on your question.


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  • Munshi75
    04-30 07:06 AM

    My job requirement states MS and atleast 3 years experience. I have only 2 years and 9 months experience. what are the chances for my I 140 approval.


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  • optimizer
    09-28 11:25 AM

    My GC was applied with employer A in Nov-2005. 485 applied during July 2007 fiasco. Even though I have EAD/AP, I have always maintained H1B status.

    Recently got H1B transferred to employer B and its approved for 3 years.
    My H1B visa (from employer B) will expire this month.

    Can I make a trip to India and re-enter using AP, and still maintain H1B status?

    I dont want to go through the hassle of going for H1B visa stamping for 10th to 12th year.

    Thanks in Advance.


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  • peer123
    05-04 07:56 PM
    bumping it up...

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  • sorcerer666
    12-10 10:30 AM
    I think they can fire you at anytime, even when you are in the US. I wouldn't withhold my vacation plans for the fear of getting fired while you are on vacation. If you get fired while you are there, you can apply for a visitor visa to come and pack your stuff. It is a very valid reason for you to come back.


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  • WaldenPond
    02-08 12:32 AM
    I am graphic design student, what exactly are you looking for? I can make some simple GIf banners. Send me a Private Message

    Hello artz,

    I have sent you a private message. Could you please respond.

    Thanks, WP

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  • cortel
    09-27 11:04 AM
    We are getting ready to file for another H1B extension, and based on work location, will have to file with the Vermont Service Center. The employer is NOT cap-exempt, but I have had an H1B for many years (so do not need to file for new visa). I am not sure which is the correct address for filing, though. (See p. 20, I-129 instructions.) I think we need to use:
    All other I-129 Cases:
    Vermont Service Center
    ATTN: I-129
    75 Lower Welden Street
    St. Albans, VT 05479-0001.

    (Other option:
    H-1B Cap Cases:
    Vermont Service center
    ATTN: H-1B Cap
    1A Lemnah Drive
    St. Albans, VT 05479-0001.)

    Can you confirm the first address (for all other cases) is correct?



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  • Mike K.T
    08-12 04:58 PM
    :lol: fun fun

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  • black_logs
    01-22 04:36 PM
    People from Washington state please sign up here


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  • miamivice4u
    05-14 02:14 PM
    Does anyone know what this means?
    Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing.

    On May 14, 2007, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location for processing and sent you a notice explaining this action. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • sidbee
    05-30 02:13 PM
    Hi People.

    Did anyone of you got a PIO Card, through CGNY, using the mail service. If yes , can you please let me know , what all documents , you send(what notarized and what not)??How long it took.


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  • seahawks
    09-26 01:39 AM
    we will discuss on the need to get this chapter active again. We need to come up with a plan on contacting law makers. All inputs are welcome.

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  • plakshmi
    08-28 11:00 AM
    Any help on this question?

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  • sameerguptha
    08-06 10:37 PM
    OPT Start Date: Jan 2009
    OPT End Date: May 2011

    Comp A (A Consulting Firm)applied for H1-B in April 2009 thru consular Processing and got approved. I worked for Client X in the month of April but lost my job in a week itself.(thus I dont have any pay Stubs from Comp A)Since Comp A was not able to find me a job. I found A full time job in Comp B in June 2009 , I somehow convinced Comp B to hire me as a contractor as I already have my H1-B approved thru Comp A. Thus from july 2010 I started working for Comp A again as my employer and Comp B as its Client. I am planning to go for VISA stamping in Dec 2010. My Question is

    1) If they Ask for my Tax Returns and W2 for 2009 what should I answer as I just have my W2 frm Comp B

    2) would there be a question of something like why havent I've been working for Comp A Since my H1 approval.

    Please advice. I appreciate any kind of answer

    06-28 01:55 PM
    Please do not post same question under multiple topics.

    05-02 01:02 PM
    According to this post on at , it looks like the LC substitution will soon be a thing of the past. How do you assess the impact of this on EB retrogression?

    ( Sorry of this has already been discussed )

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