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  • arnet
    10-19 02:03 PM
    Two weeks ago, I went to Infopass appointment and Immigration officer said they scheduled my fingerprinting next week and will get the notice in mail. This fingerprinting was due long time so they scheduled one now.

    IO asked me whether the date and time is ok for me and I said yes i.e. next friday.

    But so far I havent received any notice regarding this.

    What to do now? any one had this problem, please share your experience....

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  • lecter
    January 20th, 2005, 09:39 PM
    well they like it. Let's hope it gives Canon some price dropping competition!!!

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  • Macaca
    08-16 05:49 PM
    Graham Facing More Heat on Immigration (http://www.rollcall.com/issues/53_19/politics/19734-1.html) By Matthew Murray, ROLL CALL STAFF, August 13, 2007

    For the second time this month, a local South Carolina Republican Party committee is expected to decide soon whether to formally scold Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for supporting the Senate's now-stalled immigration overhaul proposal, putting the once-popular lawmaker on the defensive and upping the ante for a potential 2008 primary challenger.

    "The frustration [with Graham] is real," said one state Republican source, who added that the state's large conservative base is "just searching for someone" to challenge Graham in next year's primary.

    The Spartanburg County Republican Party is expected to vote Aug. 23 on a resolution officially rebuking Graham for supporting his chamber's immigration bill. Criticism of the reform package, which was shelved last month after failing to gather the 60 votes necessary to cut off debate in the Senate, has raged throughout the country and particularly in states such as South Carolina, where AM talk-radio hosts have bloodied the Senate proposal and said it tries to reward those who have broken the law.

    Rick Beltram, chairman of the Spartanburg County Republican Party, said he doubts a resolution criticizing Graham's stance on immigration would pass by a wide margin. But should the measure come up for a vote, Beltram already has developed a game plan to manage what likely will be an angry lot.

    "This being as explosive as it is, we would ask for a secret ballot so 30 or 40 Rep. Ron Paul [R-Texas] people yelling in the background wouldn't have an influence on the election," Beltram said.

    Last week, the Greenville County Republican Party passed a resolution censuring Graham for continuing to "adamantly support legalization of illegal immigrants." In addition to immigration, local party officials reprimanded Graham for supporting campaign finance reform and participating two years ago in the "Gang of 14," a bipartisan Senate group that negotiated a compromise on controversial federal judicial nominations.

    The resolution also criticized Graham's recent statements before the National Council of La Raza, which were captured by cable news networks.

    "We are not going to run people down. We are not going to scapegoat people. We are going to tell the bigots to shut up and we're going to get this right," Graham told the crowd.

    Samuel Harms, the Greenville GOP chairman whose group adopted a resolution in 2001 "opposing any legalization of illegal immigration," said Graham's speech to La Raza was the "straw that broke the camel's back." He added that the resolution was "about informing people that Lindsey Graham called the good people of Greenville bigots and that we need to be told to shut up."

    A successful censure vote next week in Spartanburg may signal a widening opportunity for a potential Graham challenger next year. So far, Graham faces only token primary opposition and last month he dodged a potential bullet when popular state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel (R), who was considering a run, was arrested for allegedly distributing cocaine.

    Democrats have yet to find a challenger to the first-term Senator.

    After recapturing some of the love lost during his Gang of 14 days, a GOP source said Graham's recent bruising for supporting the immigration bill may convince some conservative party activists that an opportunity is again at hand. Also, Graham's support of tanking presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) campaign, the source said, is not helping his cause.

    "The immigration issue reignited the ember," the source said.

    Still, with Graham sitting on $4 million in the bank, potential primary challengers face a steep uphill battle contending with an incumbent who may have twice that total squirrelled away before the year's end. Lt. Gov. Andr� Bauer (R), frequently said to be mulling a run, told Roll Call last week that he has not ruled out the possibility of challenging Graham.

    "I would never say never," Bauer said. "But I don't have any plans to run against him."

    But Bauer does plan to appear at the Aug. 23 meeting of the Spartanburg County GOP.

    Katon Dawson, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, said that while it's unusual for party activists to go to such extremes with federal officeholders, the immigration issue has struck a nerve with the party's base.

    "You can't bluff it, you can't beat around the bush about it, it's there and it's real," he said. "Lindsey has a different philosophy on immigration and there's no question it's hurting him."

    For now, Graham appears to be resting on his conservative laurels and betting that the controversy will pass. Graham currently is out of the country, his campaign said Friday, but will return to the state to campaign later this month.

    "Lindsey Graham is a strong conservative voice in the U.S. Senate with a lifetime conservative rating of 91," according to a statement provided by spokesman Scott Farmer. "He will seek re-election based on his conservative voting record and willingness to tackle the hard problems facing our nation."

    Whit Ayers, a Republican pollster, said immigration undoubtedly is a challenging issue, but one that plays to Graham's strengths. Even more, despite the current controversy, Ayers said voters ultimately respect lawmakers who take principled positions.

    "Sen. Graham is a remarkedly adept politician who will be able to be very persuasive about the reasons why he's done the things he's done," Ayers said. "I don't think we would expect our politicians to be in lock step on every single issue that comes up."

    He added: "There's no question that Lindsey Graham is right where most Republican voters in South Carolina are on God, guns, gays and taxes."

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  • Ann Ruben
    01-20 08:50 AM
    An I-140 petition filed for you by your current employer will have no impact on the pending I-140 appeal filed by your future employer.


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  • milindss
    06-25 01:31 PM

    In 2007 , I joined a new company and filed my Labour substitution+I140 petition in June 2007. This got approved in November 2007. but my H1B transfer to this company is still not approved. Earlier this year (2008) I went back to my previous company whose H1B is still valid and waited for my old H1B to get approved with no luck.
    Now, i wish to start my GC process with this new company, can I retain my old priority date of I140 ? There is absolutely no chance that I will get I-140 approval copy from my old employer, but I have the receipt Number and I know the PD.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-05 02:00 PM
    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HrmmM9Zhq1c/S5Fg19Fn8dI/AAAAAAAAAfM/UZiVLL-cNZ0/s200/Snoop+Dogg.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HrmmM9Zhq1c/S5Fg19Fn8dI/AAAAAAAAAfM/UZiVLL-cNZ0/s1600-h/Snoop+Dogg.jpg)
    BBC News - Rapper Snoop Dogg wins UK immigration fight (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8551188.stm)


    More... (http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/2010/03/bbc-news-rapper-snoop-dogg-wins-uk.html)


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  • krampras
    06-26 11:42 AM
    My company got one previous LC approved whose requirements are BS in CS or Engg related. I have a civil engg degree, I would like to file I140 and get old PD. Will this substitution work? If anyone with "non CS" engg degree used a labor that asked degree in "CS or Engg rel" in item 14 on 750A please share your response.

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  • cbpds
    05-21 02:40 PM
    Still waiting for a response, this is urgent situation for me,please reply

    Thanks in advance


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  • popnfresh24
    07-19 11:02 PM
    well that's even better... i was thinkink it closed as soon as it turned the 20th haha... ah well :)

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  • sepoy321
    05-20 05:59 AM
    My case

    I-140 Approved 2008
    I-485 pending [ concurrent filing]
    Have valid EAD [me and wife] but never used it. Still on H1B and H4 respectively.

    I am on second term H1B which expires on Oct-2010.
    Project is ending and I have to find new job. Current company applied for EAD renewel last week. But didn't want to spend for H1B renewal since I might change jobs. I am planning to invoke AC21 and shift to similar job. I want to know what is the last date for me to renew/port my H1B ?

    My wife used her Advance Parole for travel [but did not use EAD for job], does that mean she is not in H4 anymore ?

    Thank you friends. Any advise would be appreciated.


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  • prince_waiting
    09-07 11:28 PM
    My biometrics appointment is scheduled at ATL ASC on the 19th of this month which is a Saturday. Has anyone on this forum visited ATL ASC for any work on a Saturday? Should I call up the USCIS customer service to reschedule my appointment? Or, do I need to be happily surprised to see my the USCIS working hard for me even on a weekend? ( The later part sounds like a 'Bizzaro World' from Seinfeld )

    Maybe they are going to advance the dates in the next visa bulletin to Jan 2006. Well something to think about for the number crunchers and the PD forecasters on this forum.

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  • mallu
    07-24 04:12 PM
    If we lose our job after having the I-485 pending for more than 8 months, I-140 approved, how much time do we have to find another job?

    Do we have to immediately withdraw the petition after losing/quiting a job?


    The advice i got is that you should be in a new job ( and notified USCIS about usage of AC21 ) before,

    1. The I-485 is approved
    2. Any RFE directed to the old employer

    I don't think one needs to withdraw application.


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  • asdfred
    06-09 09:02 AM
    EAD is for job
    AP is for reentering US
    Pending 485 is status in US

    So, if she is not planning to work - then no need to apply for EAD

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-28 09:00 AM
    Many of you don't know that I put out a regular newsletter on immigration law. It's less opinion-oriented than the blog, but a good way to keep up on many developments in the field. Here's the link for this week's issue. And here is the table of contents: 1. Openers 2. ABCs of Immigration Law: H-2A Temporary Agricultural Visas 3. Ask Visalaw.com 4. Border and Enforcement News -ICE says no opt-out for local jurisdictions -Immigration audits of employers increase -Deportation of criminals increases -Authorities use social networking sites to detect immigration fraud -California border inspector accused of taking bribes -Napolitano...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/10/siskinds-immigration-bulletin-october-27-2010.html)


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  • ramya
    09-20 05:03 PM

    i am looking out for some web design/development to build up my profile.
    I dont want to be paid but it will build my resume and
    also help in the long run when i apply for jobs later.
    You can have a look at my website at www.purearts.net (http://www.purearts.net) to have a look at my works.


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  • rnatrajan1
    03-01 12:57 AM
    I work for company A which sponsored my L1B (my current visa status). Also, few years back company B sponsored my H1B which for some reason I did not utilize (did not even get it stamped) and hence company B cancelled it. Now my questions are -

    1. Can L1-B be transferred to H1-B without going through a new visa application?
    2. Can the cancelled H1-B be re-instated and utilized?
    3. If another company C applies for my H1-B what are the chances of getting it looking at the current work visa regulations and prospective changes? Will my past petition of H1-B cause some issues with consulate?
    4. My wife is on L2 and as EAD. Once I file for change of status will the EAD still be valid or it will automatically be void?

    Please Help...


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  • dano
    05-10 07:14 PM
    For how many years does the employer have to guarantee that it has funding to pay my salary? Or how does this thing work out. My employer has 300+ employees.
    Any other requirements from the employer?

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  • kirupa
    04-29 03:35 PM
    Added your first one up because it actually features some pizza :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-09 07:30 PM
    Here are my notes from the latest State Department Visa Bulletin in comparison to last month's: Family 1st- modest improvements across the board Family 2A - Solid improvements; world numbers jump from January 2010 to April 2010; Mexico moves up a year to January 2010. Family 2B - Solid improvements; world numbers jump from January 2005 to April 2005; Mexico moves up only a week to 22 June 1992. The Philippines moves up a month to September 2002. Family 3rd - Solid improvements; Most countries advance two months to May 2002. Mexico moves up six months to October 1992. The...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/09/october-visa-bulletin-is-out.html)

    06-11 09:38 AM
    one thing for sure there is nothing to lose. May

    10-09 03:06 AM
    Hi!. I am helping my brother for his PERM. He has a BS Electrical Engineering in the Philippines. Is there a requirement to get an education equivalency assessment for PERM? Does he need to have a US Electrical Engineering license as a support for PERM as well?

    He has not yet started yet. We are still studying several options. He also has 7 years experience in the Philippines. Can that BS +7 years outside the US count for EB2 PERM?


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