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  • bayarea07
    07-22 08:12 PM
    Wondering if anyone has a ecommerce online retail business , would be wonderful to exchange ideas and help each other.
    Please PM Me.


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  • cagedcactus
    05-01 12:01 PM

    check it out.......

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  • lonedesi
    08-05 12:22 PM
    The thread you linked for I-140 delays. I am asking about I-485 approvals :)

    I am waiting for my I-485 approval too. So you can change I-140 to I-485 and send the letter to Ombudsman's office.

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  • wandmaker
    11-04 01:11 PM
    1) Does that require any additional fees?

    There is no additional fee, all you need a compelling reason to expedite AP

    2) How long does it take for AP to come thorugh after expedite

    My friends mom was hospitalized, not life threatnening issue - he was able to obtain AP in a week. Onething to note, this was before July fiasco.

    3) In three weeks time we are travelling to attend brothers marriage--> is this reason good enuf?

    Brother's marriage is not a compelling reason to expedite your AP - One of the IV member could not make it to bro's marriage, please read , this can throw some lights.

    4) Is there any harm or backfire due to trying to expedite through infopass

    It will not bring you any harm, if you present the facts for your request. It applys to all your request, not only for AP.

    5) filed 485\ap on July 02. recieved EAD and FP already done.

    You are all set, all you need is AP to travel outside USA or you can trip, if you have a valid unexpired stamp on your passport.


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  • SH2009
    06-10 09:04 PM
    Current employer A, H1B cap-exempt and in 2nd year. Both H1B and attached I-94 will expire on 7/5/2009.
    New employer B, H1B cap-subject, required starting to work on July 7/27/2009 or I may loose my offer.

    I-485 is pending > 180 days. I have EAD and AP in hand. On 2/4/2008 I used AP once and the entry I-94 says PAROLED until 2/3/2009.

    One attorney suggested to be able to start to work for employer B on 7/27/2009, I�ll need to file a new H1B (or you call it transfer) petition before 7/5/2009, requesting the start date on Labor Condition Application to be 7/27/09. The new H1B effective date will still be 10/1/2009.

    Regardless the issue of going back to H1B from parole, my question is what is my status during the gap between 7/5/2009-7/27/2009 (before LAC effective) or 7/5/2009-9/30/2009 (Before new H1B effective)?

    The other question is when you apply for H1B extension/transfer after using AP, which I-94 did you gave to USCIS?

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  • samiam
    04-26 05:38 PM
    Is there any law for disabled immigrant. I am 33 years old, and I am disabled, and I am here in US from 1998. I really want to settle down in one place, and it does not matter whether it is India or America but I think I have to make a choice right now, or my future will be a big question mark.
    I have waited for a long time, thinking future will be bright, day by day I dont feel I will get my Green Card, So as my lost option I am wondering whether there is any option for disable immigrant? Any help is appreciated.



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  • dbevis
    February 10th, 2004, 09:18 AM
    why? is not that noisy in high iso at all...very usuable compared to the d1x
    anyone heard more about this - fact or fiction?


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  • bugsbunny
    04-04 04:14 PM
    yeah there is no grace period...and am not sure you can transfer after it has been revoked

    However to transfer you need to contact an immigration attorney who will file the new H1B application and pick the correct options...where it asks if its a transfer...once the application is filed you can immediately start working for the new company


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  • Springflower
    12-23 03:05 PM

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am assuming that you did not apply for AP earlier.
    You took the Infopass and got the AP in 2 weeks.

    [I read in the USCIS website that, if you had applied for AP & if you have to travel in emergency, they speed it up & issue the AP during Infopass appointment].

    I think it is true whether we have an AP application in process or not.

    Did you take photos, check, I-485 receipt etc., along with you to the InfoPass interview?

    It is good to know that we can get AP if we have to travel urgently.

    Did they say they would mail the AP to your address in your Infopass

    Thank you for your help!

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  • Sunny175
    10-14 05:06 PM
    My Green card is in the processing and I-140 was approved in Dec 2007. The priority date is in Jun 2007 and EB2 category. Applied for renewal of EAD and AP recently.

    I am on H1b and it is due for renewal in 3 months. I will be on H1b for 4 1/2 yrs by that time.
    I hope h1b will be issued for 3 yrs since pending 485 for more than a year.
    I think renewing is helpful just in case if there is any issue with 485.

    1. Is it worth to renew H1b?
    2. How much will it cost to renew H1b?
    3. Since the h1b is issued for 3 yrs based on pending 485. If any issue with 485 will it impact H1b?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • wandmaker
    05-28 10:52 AM
    Can I renew my EAD even after it s expired?

    YES, as long as your I-485 is pending

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  • aksvk
    09-22 11:40 PM
    May be you should try to help, if not then keep shut! ?D...A... hasnt heard about typing errors!


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  • luksy
    10-04 04:06 PM
    i guess it's the commercials...

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  • gcpower1
    02-09 06:31 PM
    Everyone know about the problem insted of sloving PROBLEM (slavery) they will chase the H1-Visa people to the work place like they are thieves.

    Why they are not chaseing the illegal people ?

    They issues GC to Illegal people before the legal (H1-LC-I140-485) 10 years wait.

    Everyone knows they but no one wants to admit.


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  • awi_ok
    02-19 09:10 AM
    Dear experts,

    Please comment and/or suggest.



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  • dc2007
    10-17 06:45 PM
    By courtesy copy do you mean the original I-797C?

    I am also in the same situation. I didn't get the copy and lawyer got copy today only. Appt date is this Sat.

    Lawyer has emailed me the scanned copy. Can I take this copy for FP ?



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  • vchip
    08-24 09:47 AM
    Any chances of Chances of Reconsidering this MEMO in the near future?

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  • cheers1234
    06-15 08:22 AM
    Sorry for the confusion. i am not deported. One of my company's new employee was deported at POE. Yes. POE did called my employer and asked where he is going to work. My employer said he is going to work on our company site. Then the officer said your empoyee told us that he is going to work at client site. Then the officer said he will call back.

    Officer called back after 30min and told my employer that your emplyee submitted some fraud document. And then my employer said i am not liable what he did and explined the officer that he was doing bussinees more than 8 years and have all the proper documents.
    Then the officer said he understand the situation and said he is just doing duty. Officer said he is going to send a report to DOL.

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    08-07 04:08 PM
    I called after about 3 weeks just to check status.

    My PD is April-2002 and I really need to go back home in December but I don't want to use AP for that, so I am hoping I will hear something by the end of this year.

    01-22 02:33 PM
    Hi All,

    I have a question. I am working for a company on a H1-b visa status. And i applied for GC using a different company as future employment and i got my EAD and AP.

    What is my stand here? Can i use the EAD and work a completely different company? or do i need to transfer my H1 to the company which did my GC?

    Does AC21 apply here? (Because i haven't worked for the company at all who sponsored my GC)


    08-01 06:14 PM
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