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    02-09 10:15 AM

    I have applied 485 through a lawyer. The lawfirm sold their company to some one else. I was asked to file G28 and I didn't file for G28 yet.

    I got a mail saying I was sent RFE n Feb 4th. I haven't received the letter yet. Would the RFE go to lawyer or me?

    What should I do now?

    Thank you.

    Isn't it strange that even though Eb3-I PD Mar 04 is not current, they opened the file and sent RFE?

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  • helcrase
    04-07 08:22 PM

    I was on an F1 visa until Oct, 2008 and on H1-b visa after that.
    The expiry date on my F1 visa stamp is in 2011.

    I intend to convert from H1 to F1 . Do I require a new F1 visa stamp or will my old stamping be valid still?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • gcdreamer05
    08-20 01:14 PM
    Hi All..

    I am on H1 since Oct 07. I haven't left USA so far and so I haven't gone for stamping. However, I heard that I need to go to stamping before completion of 1yr after getting H1. Is this true? and to what cases does this rule apply?

    Please help. I am confused.


    You can stay as long as you have the 797 with you, but if you leave teh country u can come back only with stamping....

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  • vijju123
    01-08 09:24 PM
    Hi gurus,

    I have been working with employer A since last 3 years. My I-140 (EB3)has been filed on April 1, 2008 and my priority date is January 9, 2008. I am planning on changing jobs within the same company but in a different state / city.

    1)Would this affect my I-140 processing

    2) Would this create any issues in the future stages of the green card process

    3)Will I still be able to keep the same priority date for the I-485 (God knows when I'll get to that stage...)

    Sincerely appreciate your time and help.



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  • rpat1968
    09-24 10:46 AM
    That is depressing to know.
    Yesterday I have opened a SR using the Expedite Processing CSR Option by calling USCIS. Spoke to a good CSR who understood the mistake and opened a SR for correcting the EB classfication and expediting the case (sence USCIS Error is an option for Expediting cases). Lets see what happens with this.
    Also have a good contact now in Senators office, I already submitted a inquiry through their office and waiting for response.

    It often takes a few letters to be sent to USCIS before anything happens in such situations. It seems like USCIS sometimes disregards attorneys' letters. But once someone takes the letter seriously, you should see some soft LUDs on your case; although it does not always happen.

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  • sharbutt
    09-28 09:24 AM
    I created a button, then created a mouse over. where an few options show below.

    you can see here -


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  • sunny1000
    02-02 08:15 PM
    My fianc�e lives in Mexico and I live in the United States. We are planning on getting married this summer. As soon as I return, I'm planning on beginning the process so that my future wife could come to the United States to live with me. We plan on getting married in the Catholic Church, but we have doubts if that type of marriage is a valid one for this specific situation. We just don't want a delay in the process simply because it was a religious marriage and we want to be with each other as soon as possible. My question is: Is a religious marriage valid for this situation? Which one would you recommend: Having a civil marriage or a religious marriage in Mexico?

    I don't know about Mexico but, in India, most of the citizens have religious weddings and then, they register that with the Marriage Registrar's office to get a marriage certificate.

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  • manand24
    10-23 09:31 AM
    I also had a soft LUD on the AP applications for both me and my wife on 10/22/2007. I have to agree with tnite, there is no definite answer .


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  • Kaianna
    08-09 02:39 PM
    My lawyer checked my application type as
    "h", and stating "Spouse has an approved I-140"

    Since I am filing as dependent. Should it be "b" " my spouse or parent applied for adjustment..."

    Does it hurt to choose "h"? Thanks!!

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  • kothuri
    11-23 12:00 PM
    Yes to both.


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  • miguy
    07-17 10:49 AM
    thanks. I am from michigan, so would the 485 package go to nebraska or some other processing center?

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  • mbooth
    08-20 09:02 AM
    hmmm... i've been trying to export as an eps to freehand or as ai to illustrator, neither of which have been working because i think the file's too big (1200 x 2400). when i export the resulting file appears to be just vertical lines. i'll try just copying and pasting, if it works i will be a happy camper.



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  • JunRN
    10-05 12:20 AM
    Yes, i765 is the EAD card. It will be issues eventhough your i140 is pending.

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  • ivuser9
    02-02 05:24 PM
    I am on AOS and currently working on my EAD. If I lose the job and employer terminates the health insurance, then will I qualify for the COBRA coverage or is it strictly for the Greencard/citizens? Any info is greatly helpful.



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  • cygent
    05-19 09:05 PM

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  • logiclife
    08-02 07:09 PM
    I googled it

    That is not SOP. that is recommendation of CIS ombudsman to USCIS about SOP changes and advance notice.


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  • ramaonline
    01-10 06:31 PM
    This has been discussed in so many threads
    Once you change to AOS and invoke AC21 after 6 months, you can choose to do nothing or even be without a job. The only thing thats important is that the job offer should be available at the time of 485 adjucation.

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  • raysaikat
    03-24 02:48 AM

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  • shan74
    12-10 01:51 PM
    Did anyone applied for I-140 in September 2006 and still waiting for approval.

    02-15 08:33 AM
    When the new company (for profit) applies for your wife's H1-B, it will be counted against the cap.

    01-20 07:31 PM
    Company A can not by law press any charges for the filing fees of H1B petition but they might go after you to pay for other costs in case you have agreed to pay for attorney fees.

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