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  • Lershac
    Apr 27, 06:48 PM
    Steve just does not look well in that photo - I even had to look closely to see if he'd been Photoshopped in or not as the colour of his skin is so different to the others'...

    Yeah that photo is Ollllllld.

    Like a year or so.

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  • puckhead193
    Sep 24, 03:33 PM
    when i was a senior in high school i slept over my GF house but it was a bunch of people... if their friends are gonna be their yes, but if it just the too of them and their parents aren't home.... then nope i wouldn't....
    at least he told you truthfully that he wants to sleep over his GF house, instead of saying he's sleeping over one of his friends house....
    Did he give a reason why he wants to... Ie they are going to a club and are going to be home late

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  • deredwing
    May 5, 10:14 AM
    Hi All,

    I have recently run into this weird system font. I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean by the weird error font. I don't remember me doing anything related to the font or the system system but just happened the next day. I have tried to seek for solution online but not successful, perhaps cause i can't explain it in detail.

    Please can anyone help and let me know if there is any way that I can reverse it back to default original. Thank you very much.

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  • Joewebster
    Dec 9, 05:33 PM
    sorry about the quality, not sure what happened when I resized.


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  • Mr. Chewbacca
    Mar 23, 09:38 AM
    Like OMG, I had the craziest thought! What if MacRumors had more articles about...Mac Rumors?! Whoa whoa wee wow, that would be so cool.

    *Face Palm.

    Boring stuff.

    Huh? You dont find the head of software engineering to be leaving the company to be relevent? Since the current OS has roots in NeXT its safe to say that this guy played a huge role in the most important part of the Mac.

    I find this a lot more or at least equaly relevent to the Mac world as the Itoys

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 29, 03:04 PM
    You were modded down cause you're talking crap. HTH.

    Samsung know they are in trouble with the Apple suits, and rightly so. But instead of just defending the suit against them, they are making stuff up to get back at Apple.

    What it is, is childish.

    you really should go look up how it works before you start insulting us.

    I was not talking crap. That little tid pit I put in about the filing only if getting pissed off and sued came form our resident patent lawyer on these boards who explain why many times you only see law suits after they get sued. They go into the file if sued by so and so bring these up.
    That is why many of these patents are filed away and never really sued unless antoher company starts pissing you off or acting childish like Apple. It gives you more leverage to use against them in their lawsuit against you.

    I do find it funny. Fanboys cheered when Apple sued Samsung but Samsung responds and now called Samsung childish.
    Fanboys call Kodak pantint trolls when they sued apple.
    Fanboys cheer when Apple sued Nokia but booed about Nokia sueing apple.
    Noticed a pattern there.


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  • nitropowered
    Feb 10, 08:06 AM
    Wait, is this a $30 in addition to my $30 unlimited family messaging plan?

    My family has a boat load of roll over but we can't go to a lower rate plan (currently have the 700) because it doesn't support 4 phones

    An additional $30 would not make anysense for us.

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 8, 07:14 AM
    Nearing my 25 GB quota... Not gonna update unless it is worth it. (Obviously)


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  • celticpride678
    Dec 18, 01:37 PM
    The iPod touch probably has iOS 4.1, which can be jailbroken using limera1n. If you'd like to update to iOS 4.2, you can, but your jailbreak will be tethered.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 26, 10:15 PM
    .Mac is a load of old BALLS!!! It's absolutely ridiculously. We're paying €99 in Europe really for Mail, iWeb was only added recently, but you have to buy iLife '06 to use it. iChat is free? No it's not! Guess what? You have to pay €99, cause you need .Mac to use iChat. The whole thing is a joke! Way to respect your loyal fans Apple.

    First thing apple could do is simple!! Bar this new, rarely useable addition (by me) every single thing about .Mac should stay the same!! Except one thing, PRICE, .Mac should be $29 in the US, and €29 in Europe. Then add more feature later next year.


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  • Lacero
    Feb 12, 10:58 PM
    I guess, "Imagine a Beowulf cluster of MR mods..." would be out of the question too? LOL. ;)

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  • mattwallace24
    Apr 28, 10:42 AM
    Eh, people are reading the data completely wrong. The iPhone 4 dropped on Verizon in mid to late February and had 2.2mil activations by the end of the quarter (roughly 6-7 weeks later), at & t had it for roughly six weeks (almost double the time of Verizon) and only managed 3.6 mil activations. Verizon is activating MORE iPhones than AT&T at a faster rate, including the 3GS deal.

    Im trying to figure out why media sites keep getting this so hopelessly wrong. This device sold 2 million+ units being a ten month old product in SIX WEEKS. Do you realize that that is nearly 15% of the lifetime sales of the most successful line of android phones (the galaxy s) in six weeks? If that's bad then **** according to this logic android is really ****ed.

    I think you've got it wrong. Verizon's miss per this and the other reports I've seen is versus Apple & Verizon's expectations and plans. Nothing in this story mentions head to head sales, etc.

    This isn't about Verizon iPhone versus AT&T iPhone. Its 100% about Apple's expectations. Maybe Apple blew their expectations, but its doubtful they didn't build in a future iPhone 5 launch keeping people on the sidelines, Android releases, etc.


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  • frunkis54
    Oct 29, 01:01 PM

    thank you :)

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  • FireStar
    Dec 1, 04:50 PM


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  • Enori
    Feb 1, 10:57 AM (

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  • njmac
    Jan 10, 10:05 AM
    I loved the keynote. Steve's excitement was palpable - he really believes this is the next big thing. Let's give him a little credit here.

    I would be willing to bet the next month will be announcement after announcement of upgrades and updates.

    Apple is getting stronger and stronger as a company and that is good for the mac and us.


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  • Dimwhit
    Apr 30, 07:14 PM
    I like Castle for the new service. The whole Castle in the Cloud theme. It works.

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  • sherlockaled
    Dec 9, 03:11 PM
    - Here you go for december, I know there is not much of holiday spirit in this but Totoro is just too good to pass out on Christmas month :D

    amore amore perfume.;s Kate
  •;s Kate

    Apr 18, 07:26 AM
    no worries fella, thanks for the link. I've actually found it with red pants so have stuck that on.

    Will have a nose for the cart one though.

    Ohh, my turn... do you have the link for the red pants one? haha

    Sep 4, 03:24 PM
    You can make the dock transparent with Mirage Dock. Works with 2D or 3D dock.
    Good point.

    Apr 16, 09:50 AM
    I don't run script to enable it, i am enabling it manually from the preference pane in system preferences. It is because my dual G4 is always on and I don't have to turn it off. It is running as a server of my media files and my work station as well.

    Apr 7, 08:16 AM
    It's a release to patch up Pwnage. Simplie.

    Dec 11, 10:45 AM
    Where are you based?

    I'm looking for a keyboard and mouse... except I'm in London, and it doesn't make much sense to ship one from the States...

    Sep 27, 10:07 AM
    I've been a very satisfied customer of .Mac since its inception. I receive zero spam e-mails and I am delighted with the ability to create aliases. On top of that there is no advertising at all. I also have a couple of other web-mail accounts and they get zillions of spam messages even with their respective anti-spam filters turned on. I think that this update adds a little bit more polish on an already decent offering. I do agree with a previous poster that the iCal integration needs some work.

    That's true, I have received VERY little spam, and what i do receive gets put right into junk mail. I have 2 to 3 email addresses forwarded to my .mac account (those 2 to 3 do receive spam) but i still get very little in my or webmail. good point, because if anyone has ever used hotmail, that crap gets annoying fast.

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